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Issue #2 Creatures Features: Studio Visit


issue #2
Studio visit: Joya

This week we visit and chat with Frederick Bouchardy,
the founder behind fragrance company Joya. We collaborated with Joya to develop an exclusive signature scent for the 
Creatures of Comfort FW17 presentation.


Creatures Features: Please tell us about yourself, and how you started working with candles.

Frederick Bouchardy: 
My name is Frederick Bouchardy. I have a fragrance company called Joya and a beauty tradeshow called Elements.

With Joya... A design project became a small collection of natural, scented candles; that became a production facility; and then a hybrid agency/design studio dedicated to developing signature scents for artists and brands, as well as our own. The brand is now a range of perfumes, soaps, candles, travel diffusers; all our products are vertically manufactured, slip cast porcelain and packaged in Brooklyn!


CF: What are your go-to fragrance notes? 
Love them all and, essentially, have to! Why limit yourself?


CF: Walk us through the process of creating a scent.
There are multiple steps to the process. First, we establish a kind of common language - the world we are trying to create, favorite and most hated scents with key words to describe them: adjectives and inspiration to express the over-arching vision. Then, the tangible creation involves blending raw materials, juxtaposing them to create an overall effect. In this case, the lushness of green leaves contrasted with an undertone of smoke. These ingredients are then set aside to macerate (like wine), letting the materials do the rest. Usually, after a four-week maceration period, the blend is filtered and ready to do its thing.


CF: You have an impressive client list from Gather Journal to Barneys to Samsung. Were any collaborations more challenging or complex than others?
Thank you! We just developed a collection for Putnam & Putnam that went through many fragrance modifications… I suppose it makes sense, considering they are so connected to flowers. The porcelain containers for Pamela Love’s candles are not easy to produce. We designed custom 3-part molds with relief built into them all over, so it takes true attention to detail. The truth is, combining all the materials and media we use is generally difficult. But the team is so talented and committed… I think we all like a challenge.


CF: The sense of smell is said to be the closest linked to memory of any of the senses - what role does this play in creating a new scent?
Our perfumer, Dana El Masri, will usually ask if a partner has any strong memories associated with scent. We generate most of our olfactory memories in the first decade of our lives, so it is something she alludes to often. 




CF: Was the process of coming up with Creatures of Comfort's scent any different?
We pulled inspiration from the current collection by evoking the textures of the fabrics as well as their colors, keeping in mind Jade's overall aesthetic: effortless yet precise. 


CF: What are you expecting people to picture or feel when they smell the Creatures of Comfort scent?
Ideally, a sense of warmth, and mystery, and a hint of the outdoors indoors, made all the more special by a fresh batch of snow! The idea is for the scent to invisibly enhance the show and vice-versa. They are meant to work seamlessly and secretly in tandem for a multi-sensory experience.  



CF: With “glamping” being the theme of our newest collection, do you ever go camping? Any stories?
I love camping and used to force people to come with me Upstate, even though there was a perfectly comfortable house practically within earshot. It definitely was not “glamping” though. One time a friend and I woke up in about half a foot of water. Didn’t matter… There is nothing like that air and that sky. Don’t imagine I have too many friends that would still be into that. My family in France is
obsessed, though.


Creatures of Comfort x Joya candles will be available for purchase in store and online soon.

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