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Issue #20 Creatures Features: Lourdes Hernández

Issue #20 Creatures Features: Lourdes Hernández

This week on Creatures Features Lourdes Hernández made us a Sunday playslist to cruise around to 
and told us about her life in LA and beyond.

Originally from Madrid, Lourdes is a musician living in LA where she performs under the stage name Russian Red. When not on tour, Lourdes runs an event space with her husband called Ruby Street, takes dance classes at The Sweat Spot in Silver Lake and gathers with friends at The Dresden in Los Feliz for weekly tarot card readings. 

Creatures Features: What do you miss about Madrid?
Lourdes Hernandez:
The streets, the ability to improvise, the perfect combination of a busy city and a laid back approach. The food.

CF: What is your favorite city to perform in?
I love Hong Kong, I have the fondest memories of when I traveled to Asia there for the first time. People are exciting, curious and very cosmopolite and the audience is very loving.

CF: What was the inspiration behind this playlist?
Driving around LA. You always need music when you’re in the car. I try to stay in the loop with all newer female artists so it has a lot of that too. 

Photo: Evgeniya Minaeva; Makeup: Olaf Derlig

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