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Issue #3 Creatures Features: Moodboard @simplicitycity


Issue #3
Moodboard: @simplicitycity

This week we look at an exclusive moodboard by Nicole Rice of @simplicitycity, an inspirational "throwback-fashion" Instagram account that is all about timeless quality, elegance, and, of course, simplicity.

Creatures Features: Please tell us about yourself.
Nicole Rice: I'm from Mendham, NJ and moved to NYC for college at New York University. I recently left my job at NPR and now am working on freelance projects full time.

CF: How did the anonymous @simplicitycity Instagram account come to fruition? 
NR: There was no plan or idea behind it, I just started to post photos I liked from the internet or scans from books and magazines that I had collected. I thought it would be a cool way to save photos and create a mood board of sorts and maybe to connect with some people who shared similar interests.

CF: We heard you have been collecting magazines for some time now, when and why did this start? Was this part of your childhood?
NR: I have been interested in collecting magazines and books since high school. I used to pick up W and Vogue at my local library when they were getting rid of them and was always making scrap books with them and collages on my walls. In college I studied Art History which intensified my interest in visuals. I spent a lot of time in the library looking at art books and also have purchased many used books on Amazon and other book shops. I subletted an apartment for a few years in college that had an impressive collection of photography books and then had an internship at a photo agency that had a library of rare books and magazines and my interest has grown from there!

                           L: Planning a Home by Sarah Faulkner 1979; R: New York Magazine - Dec 1992 by Chuck Baker
CF: Are there specific models, photographers, publications, or even decades you find yourself always turning back to for inspiration?
NR: Lately, I have been really into the 90s and early 2000s. They will always be special to me because it's the era of my youth!  I also really love the 80s and love looking at the photos of Sheila Metzner, Koto Bolofo, Bruce Weber, Peter Lindbergh, Sacha, Marianne Chemetov .. and many more. I love LEI Magazine, Vogue Italia, W, Mirabella and, most recently, Mastermind Magazine.

CF:What do you think keeps drawing you back to photos and fashion from the past? Is it nostalgia, a yearning for time before the Internet, an escape from current trends?
NR: I am a really nostalgic and sentimental person so that is definitely a part of it.  I grew up always looking to older influences. My parents were strict with what we watched and encouraged my siblings and I watch old movies as kids. I grew up watching movies like Gone with the Wind and Casablanca which established an early connection and interest in things from the past.  I don't think I'm ever trying to escape from current trends or to a time before the internet. The internet has opened the door to so many possibilities in terms of research, connecting with people, etc. 

                                                Thierry Mugler SS 1998

CF: What inspires you on a daily basis here in NYC? 
NR: I love New York and am always most inspired by walking everywhere (as cliché as that might sound). I hate the subway and always walk when I can and taking in my surroundings whether it's the people, the buildings, or the sounds always inspires me. I think that people in New York are so stylish and they set the bar high in an inspiring way.

CF: Who are your ultimate fashion icons, or rather, if you could invite another 4 people to a dinner party, who will they be (dead of alive).
NR: My ultimate fashion icons are Mary-Kate and Ashley, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Joan Didion.

CF: What are your favorite images from the mood board?
NR: My favorite is “Tidal Whites” featuring Michaela Bercu and Claudia Schiffer by Gilles Bensimon (US ELLE 1990).  This image captures everything I am about - it's simple, easy, timeless, classic, slightly boyish and comfortable.

                 “Tidal Whites” Michaela Bercu, Claudia Shiffer
                               Photo: Gilles Bensimon US ELLE 1990


CF: How would you define the @simplicitycity aesthetic?
NR: I would say that I am always looking for photos with a timeless quality. And finding a similar look and vibe in every decade whether it is 1942 or 2001. 

CF: What aspects of the Creatures of Comfort line speak to this aesthetic?
NR: I have always been a fan of Creatures of Comfort!  The selection of wearable and comfortable pieces that are also special and different really speaks to me. I am a new mom so I appreciate that combination!

CF: If you could travel back in time to one fashion show, which one would you go to?
NR: I would go to any of the Hermès shows when Margiela was there.

CF: Lastly, what is your dream job?
NR: I am still trying to figure that out at 29! I think finding a balance of motherhood, curating, researching and maybe someday creating original content would be ideal. Next on my to-do list is to make a website and possibly a blog, but I am still brainstorming. Stay tuned!

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