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Issue #5 Creatures Features: Horoscope with Small Spells

Issue #5 Creatures Features: Horoscope with Small Spells

This week we discuss the interlacing of traditional mysticism and modern design with Rachel Howe, the founder of the multi-dimensional brand Small Spells that specializes in spiritual healing, artistic work, and tarot readings.


We were lucky enough to have Rachel make a horoscope for our readers this week. Take a look to find out what’s in store for the new zodiac cycle. 


Horoscope for the week of March 19-25:

The start of spring and the new zodiac cycle! The sun moves into Aries on March 21, the day after the Vernal Equinox, when day & night are equal. On this day, the moon is in Capricorn, providing some stability & grounding for the explosive energy of Aries. Along with the sun, this week Mercury & Venus are also in Aries. These planets affect our personality & mood the most, so we might be feeling fast & loose, ready for new beginnings, ready to cut ties with the past and just fly forward. Opposite all this Aries, me first, energy, is Jupiter in Libra, balancing it out with the need for harmony & peaceful co-existence. Jupiter provides our rewards, and in Libra he wants to reward our yin-yang, "we" actions, not our ME actions. Jupiter is squared by Pluto, adding a transformative aspect to it all-- perhaps we need to do extra work to align our personal desires with the desires of friends & family, and we will only be rewarded when we come up with a solution that works for all, not just one. Pluto is in Capricorn, bringing us back to that grounding element, the solid, the concrete. Transforming energetic feelings and influences into real action, real results, with real consequences.


Creatures Features: Please tell us about yourself

Rachel Howe: I work as an artist and healer, and what I do takes many forms. I love the overlap of art & design with more esoteric healing work, and this is most evident in the Tarot deck that I recently produced. I do tarot readings, reiki healing, stick n poke tattoos, illustration work, astrology horoscopes-- I also teach workshops and am working on some books.


CF: When did you become interested in the supernatural?

RH: Ever since I was a kid I felt like I was tuned into different perceptions, presences, or other planes of existence. I got more interested in occult stuff when I was a teenager, like horror movies, but also really interested in Buddhism and Wicca. I didn't get into the healing aspect of all of it until more recently.


CF: Have you always trusted your intuition?

RH: No, definitely not. That's a recent development. I think I would hear it or sense it but then not take the right action. It took getting over some of my own issues of self-worth to be able to actually follow it.



CF: How did you transition from ceramics to spiritual healing?

RH: I was learning reiki and tarot at the same time that I learned ceramics. Being my own boss making ceramics enabled me to spend time on the side either practicing or learning more, without the pressure of it being my main thing, so by the time I gave up ceramics it was a really smooth transition, and I was able to step into the healing role with full confidence. 


CF: How much weight should we place on a horoscope reading on a daily basis? 

RH: Honestly not much. It can be helpful to affirm things sometimes, but most daily horoscopes only take into account your sun sign which is a fraction of your zodiac makeup. And, when you think about what guidance really is, it's not really telling you what to do, but a way to help you do it. A horoscope can be like a map, but you're still making the decisions & driving the car. That said, it can be nice to check in on a daily basis to see how on track or off track you are.


CF: Would you change your plans last minute if a trusted horoscope reading told you to?

RH: I have re-thought some things based on horoscopes, but its usually in line with what my intuition is already telling me. Most often I've noticed this with my mouth-- if a horoscope warns to be careful with what you say (Mercury rules communication-- it moves quickly through the signs, and goes retrograde 3-4 times a year), I will make sure to hold my tongue if I get angry to not cause further problems.


CF: What is your sign, and does it match the common traits associated with it?

RH: I'm an Aries sun, and I do have some of the traits-- I can be pretty impatient, self-focused, and impulsive, although through practice I'm learning to get those traits under control & use them to my benefit. I'm very good at starting things and less good at finishing them, which is very Aries. When I first got my natal chart read though, seeing what other signs are in play made so much sense to me, because in a lot of ways I'm not a typical Aries (not loud & talkative, not aggressive, not an extrovert). I have Pisces in some key personality planets, and that feels more accurate in some ways.




CF: Do you have a mantra these days? If so what is it?

RH: It is what it is. Life is easier when you practice acceptance & don't try to force anything. Align yourself with the flow so you don't have to struggle & you can use your energy more effectively.


CF: What books or articles would you recommend for a person who wants to get into tarot readings?

RH: Rachel Pollack has a few books on Tarot that are really comprehensive & accessible. I would actually start kind of backwards though-- try to give some readings using your instinct & intuition, and then read more about it. If you have some experience then you have something to attach the knowledge from books onto. I've gotten some really good readings from people who were doing a cold reading with no knowledge of the meanings.


CF: Charmed, X-Files, or Twin Peaks?

RH: I love the X-files but Twin peaks has the most mystery, elusiveness & best atmosphere. 


CF: What is the spookiest or most accurate reading that you experienced or gave?

RH: When I was starting out I did a spread for a woman & there was literally every single card that stood for fertility in it. I just said I think you're gonna have a baby? And she said she was trying to get pregnant, and did have a baby shortly after. That was a nice lesson in trusting not just my intuition, but also the cards, that they will tell me the truth.


Click here to shop Rachel's picks and check out her Tarot Card deck. 


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