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Issue #6 Creatures Features: Mama Medicine

Issue #6 Creatures Features: Mama Medicine

This week we learn how to make a Ritual Bath for Self Love and discuss Medicine Readings, auras, and intuition with seeress Deborah Hanekamp a.k.a. Mama Medicine.
Ritual Bath for Self Love
Having compassion for oneself can be as simple as listening to our sacred body’s basic needs, such as feeling tired and then actually resting or feeling hungry and then eating. Or go DELUXE and try this bath. 
Go ahead, have a date with yourself tonight tap into the healing, love pouring forth from that beautiful, wise, mysterious heart of yours. 



Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: 1 Cup 
Raw Cacao Powder: 1 Cup
 Red Wine: 1/2 bottle (YES you can enjoy a glass of wine with this bath)
Rosewood Essential Oil: 3 drops 
Rose Absolute Essential Oil: 7 drops 
3 Rose Quartz Crystals 
Petals of 6 Pink Roses
Combine all ingredients into a tub as hot as you can stand water, saving the rose petals for last


Light a Candle with the intention of Self Love (this will act as your new moon intention candle to light every night throughout the Lunar Cycle
Burn a stick of cinnamon around your body as a smudge, include the soles of your feet and back of your head.
Step into the bath and dunk your head under water.
Place one Rose Quartz on your Womb.
Place the next Rose Quartz  on your chest between your Throat and Heart center.
Hold the 3rd piece of Rose Quartz in your left hand.
Take 3 deep breaths as you exhale release on a whisper the Taoist sound of the Heart HU.
Sing your favorite love song out loud to yourself on repeat.
Sit in Silence and soak up the healing vibration of your own love.
Step out of the bath, stand naked in front of the mirror and say out loud “I have COMPASSION for you”
Take the crystals you used in the bath and place them under your pillow to dream with you.
Offer all the herbs and rose petals used in your bath to the earth in gratitude.
After this Ritual I highly Recommend having a cup of tea and reading Hafiz’s, The Gift till you fall asleep. 



Creatures Features: Please tell us about yourself.

Mama Medicine: Seventeen years ago, after a tumultuous early life, I began a powerful spiritual journey involving practices of spiritual travel, zen meditation, yoga, ayurveda, Reiki, silent meditations, and an eight year apprenticeship traveling back and forth from the peruvian Amazon where I was eventually crowned a shaman in the mestizo lineage there, but my most powerfully awakening and transformative moment was becoming a mom. It was in that moment of empowerment that  I was able to assimilate all the the different ways I opened up. I asked the universe "How can I be of Service?" and I received an unexpected but very clear answer that I'm meant to offer something called Medicine Readings™ a one on one healing, a group ceremony and a retreat, an integration of all the powerful work I've done combined with my natural ability to see peoples auras. The moment I said yes to offering Medicine Readings I got so many positive affirmations and received so much healing from my work itself, that momentum is still continuing today and I couldn't be more grateful. 


CF: What places do you spend most of your time?

MM: When I'm not working I'm mostly a home body where I have all my self healing tools at hand my sweet little family and neighbors we love, on the weekends we have friends over and do moon ceremonies or 90's dance parties or both.


CF: Was there a specific moment when you realized you had strong intuition and could read people’s auras?

MM: As long as I can remember I've been able to see people's auras. I remember I was twelve when I began talking about the colors around people and realized not everyone saw them. I abruptly stopped talking about the colors around people and began studying William Blake's paintings and different forms of mysticism. 


CF: How did you begin your practice of energetic healing?

MM: I began with Reiki, I remember being nineteen and receiving my first Reiki session and feeling it was so powerful I had to learn everything I could about this practice. 


CF: Can you describe what a medicine reading is, and what happens at the medicine readings you give people?

MM: A Medicine Reading is a full-sensory experience that engages the faculties of scent, sound, and feeling and lasts no more than 2 hours, inducing a trance state in the recipient. A recipient does not need to believe in anything in order to benefit from the experience (skeptics welcome). Like a massage for your spirit, recommended on a monthly basis. 
First we sit together as I read your aura then we talk a bit, after that you lay on a Biomat (bed of amethyst crystals that releases infrared rays and I facilitate your ceremony, finally I prescribe you a bespoke ritual bath and spiritual home work so you can be your own healer. 


CF: What are some specific effects / outcomes these readings have on people? 

MM: After effects may include: euphoria, bliss, stability, feeling grounded in the present moment, and profound sense of wellbeing.  Long term benefits can include anti-aging, weight loss, physical radiance, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, ability to be open to love and connected to your purpose, the acceptance of and gratitude for the life you live.

CF: We are based in NYC; Do you see the impact of New York City or other large urban environments when you do your readings?  

MM: I've tried to leave New York City so many times because there is an overload of information, and noise here but the city keeps calling me back and after fourteen years of being here I've finally accepted it as my home. Medicine Readings are much, much easier for me to do in nature, but I think New York needs me and this city is so inspiring for me so I guess I need it too, I just need to get out into nature frequently. 


CF: When did ritual baths become part of your daily routine and practice? What are the benefits?

MM: In 2008 I was having a really difficult time on a Dieta, (which is when you go into the amazon and are exposed to the elements of jungle while fasting and taking on the energy of a plant for two weeks) a lot of pain from my past was surfacing my teacher brought me down to a waterfall, and as he prepared an herb bath with crystals for me he had me cover myself in clay and jump into the waterfall, then cover myself in honey and jump into the waterfall and after that he poured the herb bath over me while singing an Icaro (a peruvian medicine song) it was a tremendously healing experience for me and after that I felt like a completely new person. I took the practice of Ritual Baths home to my tiny NYC bath tub and have been processing them ever since. 


CF: How do you know what ingredients to put in your bath recipes for specific outcomes? 

MM: Based on different things I've learned from the energy of plants I've studied and from the vibe different stones give, I'll know how they want to work in a bath but also the baths just sort of come to me and then after I read the ingredients my rational mind will be like "oh yeah I see how that makes sense." Often time at the end of a Medicine Reading when I'm prescribing my client their Ritual Bath they will start laughing and say they have all the ingredients or they just randomly bought the crystal I'm asking them to use. 


CF: Does your personal life and your practice as a healer often overlap? Do you find yourself reading strangers’ auras on the subway or at the market? 

MM: When I was younger I wanted to be able to be there for everyone, help everyone and it really drained me. After having my daughter I was able to draw strong boundaries with friends who just wanted me to figure things out for them and who I felt tired around. When I'm not working I pretty much just want to hang out with my kid and be a mom. I think it's a bit invasive for me to read peoples auras when they aren't asking me to so I respect personal space and like every other New Yorker try to stick to myself on the subway and on the street. Over the years I've learned how to shield myself through the use of perspective so I can handle the way I see the world around me without wanting to curl up in a ball and cry. Sometimes I can't help but see certain things in peoples auras, I think that's because I'm meant to pray for the release of their suffering so that's what I do. 


CF: What do you think the relationship is between one’s clothing and their aura? 

MM: It's really funny to me because though most people have a base color to their aura, the aura changes color on a daily even hourly basis and I'll see people have a color in their aura that is almost the same as the shirt they chose to wear that day. 


CF: Our newest Spring collection is filled with natural fibers such as cotton, silk, and linen. Are there specific effects the type of fabric you wear can have on your aura and energy? Or would you suggest wearing certain fabrics during different occasions or periods in your life?

MM: I think natural fibers keep you connected to the earth and anything that keeps you connected to the earth helps your aura to radiate. That being said Id honestly have to pay more attention to the type of fabric someone is wearing and how it effects their aura and if that is the only thing that effects their aura. That would be a fun research project!  As far as fabrics for periods of life I'd wear silk when I want to feel like a goddess, cotton when I want to soften, and linen when I want to create. 


CF: What are ways that we can personally change our own aura? 

MM: I've noticed auras are larger and more vibrant when people are well rested and doing whatever it is that brings them joy. For example, my husbands aura grows exponentially when he's playing with our daughter.


CF: It seems like you travel a lot - where is somewhere you would like to expand your practices to and why? 

MM: This is such a hard question!  I basically want to go and work everywhere! Montana, Australia, Indonesia, Finland, Kauai, Nepal... but I'm going to narrow it down to this...I'd really like to work more in Paris, London and Amsterdam my husband is from the Netherlands and I think it would be good for my daughter if we were over there more so she could get connected to her roots and family and see that there are other ways of being beyond this super fast New York life. 


CF: Are there simple practices you recommend people add to their daily routine to maintain positive energy?

MM: Keep a Selenite wand by your door and take two minutes to cleanse your aura before you leave the house and after you get home. 


Deborah is opening Space by Mama Medicine mid April on 73 Spring Street, NYC.
To find out more visit her website and Instagram





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